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Goliath Cranes

As being reputed manufacturer of optimum quality cranes, we are considering as one of the Goliath Cranes Manufacturer. Our goliath cranes are equipped with all essential attachments to provide swift functioning. It is highly suitable to outdoor applications. It is provided with single girder and double girder with capacity of 10 ton and 40 ton respectively. This Goliath Cranes in India is travel on rail, which is installed on the ground. It is designed with the class I and II for medium duty and class III and IV for heavy duty.Goliath Cranes In Ahmedabad are available with simple design with easy repair and maintenance.

Goliath Cranes Manufacturer in India
Goliath Cranes Supplier in Ahmedabad
Capacity up to 40 ton
Span up to 30 mtr.
Long travel speed up to 15 mtr/min.
Cross travel speed up to 15 mtr/min

Our gantry cranes are travel on rails mounted on flooring. Our gantry cranes are constructed according to IS-3177. Our gantry cranes are designed, manufactured, erected and tested with reference to IS-3177.

  • Efficiently used for the outdoor applications
  • Versatile and powerful unit
  • Provided with rail, mounted on floor
  • Highly economic
  • Lift and transport object smoothly
  • Low moderate cost
  • for medium duty, cranes are designed according to Class 1 and 2
  • for heavy duty, cranes are designed according to class 3 and 4
  • positive splash lubrication
  • hoists are designed according to IS-3938
  • heavy duty steel forged hooks confirming to IS-2266
  • Structure parts of the crane are designed according to IS-807
  • For the L.T. motions crane is provided with twin drive arrangement
  • Structural steel parts are designed according to IS-226 relevant standard
  • easily move on antifriction ball bearing in oil bath
  • easy to repair
  • simple design, low maintenance

Finished Surface

  • single coat of primer is applied to all the structural parts of the crane
  • synthetic enamel paints are applied with two coats
  • on request, P.U. paints and epoxy paints can be provided


  • Steel Plant
  • Plastic Industries
  • Textiles Industries
  • Marine industry
  • Construction industry
  • Automotive industry 
  • In assembly line to move heavy load
  • Foundries