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HOT Cranes

Hot Crane

As being trusted manufacturer of different kinds of cranes in India, we offer easy move, single girder and double girder H.O.T. cranes. MODHESHWARI ENGINEERING AND FABRICATORS is the one of the leading manufacturer of H.O.T. cranes in India manufacturing H.O.T. cranes in Ahmadabad. It is generally used to lift and move the material horizontally. Heavy things in the work-shops are to be moved with the help of this hand operated travelling cranes. They are very simple kinds of cranes. An overhead crane contains runways along with travelling bridge. Lifting component of the crane is called hoist. Our system is available with the capacity of 600 tons.

Being one of the reliable H.O.T. cranes manufacturers, we provide best possible and suitable customize solution as according to your working spaces and also close to your drawing. They are highly demanded in-

  • Ceramic Industries
  • Power Plant
  • Steel Plant
  • Paper & Packing Industries
  • Fertilizers Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Foundries
  • Dairy Industries
  • Textiles Industries
  • General & Heavy Engineering Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Transport industry
  • Construction industry
  • In assembly line to move heavy load
  • Shipbuilding
Capacity up to 600 ton
Span up to 30 mtr.
Long travel speed up to 15 mtr/min.
Cross travel speed up to 15 mtr/min
  • Suitable for small workplace
  • Available with centre span
  • Versatile and powerful unit
  • Lift and transport object effortlessly
  • Antifriction ball bearing in oil bath
  • Splash lubrication
  • Low moderate cost
Hot Crane Supplier

Our HOT cranes, the overhead travelling cranes are constructed according to IS-3177. Our EOT and HOT cranes are designed, manufactured, erected and tested with reference to IS-3177.

  • For the L.T. motions crane is provided with twin drive arrangements
  • Structure parts of the crane are designed according to IS-807
  • Structural steel parts are designed according to IS-226 relevant standard
  • for medium duty, cranes are designed according to Class 1 and 2
  • for heavy duty, cranes are designed according to class 3 and 4
  • hoists are designed according to IS-3938
  • simple design, low maintenance
  • easy to repair
  • heavy duty steel forged hooks confirming to IS-2266
  • convenient for small work place
  • easily move on antifriction ball bearing in oil bath
  • positive splash lubrication

Brakes and Motors

  • for the smooth running of the equipment, all trolleys are provided with drive motors and suitable AC/DC brakes
  • Especially designed motor for crane duty according to IS-325.
  • Suitable for frequent starting, reversing and braking

Crane Controls

  • Our crane provides maximum safety for the control of the cranes.
  • It is provided with pendent push button station. It is suspended from one end of bridge at a suitable height from the floor level.
  • Push button station is operated at 110 V or 240V or 240 V to ensure safety
  • All cranes contains emergency stop buttons to shut0off power to main connectors
  • Powder coated, dust proof sheet-metal
  • Sheet-metal housing consists of contactors overload relays fuses, transformers etcetera

Features on Demand

  • frequency inverters/variable frequency drives for micro speed arrangement
  • shrouded bus bar system or cable festooned system
  • master controller cabin 
  • bridge lights
  • warning horn

Finished Surface

  • single coat of primer is applied to all the structural parts of the crane
  • synthetic enamel paints are applied with two coats
  • on request, P.U. paints and epoxy paints can be provide
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